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Are you ready for a meaningful career path, one which reflects your most important values?

Do you want more than a paycheck? Do you want to make a positive contribution through your career?

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Who You Are
You want to stop doing something you dread and transition to a fulfilling career path that is in alignment your deepest held values.

You have an unconventional definition of success, one that is based on making a positive contribution to the world.

You need help deciding what career path to pursue and how to make the transition.
Who I Am

Ed HerzogMy name is Ed Herzog and I’m a certified career coach who specializes in helping people just like you transition from a soul-sucking to a soul-enriching career.

Benefits of Career Coaching

Support Throughout Your Career Transition

Figuring out what career you want and how to get there can be challenging.  There’s no need to go it alone! We’ll work together to identify suitable career choices based on who YOU are – your values, your interests, your strengths, your personality, and your unique purpose.

Develop a Plan and Set Goals

Coaching is a partnership! Working together, we’ll develop a plan to move you from where you are to where you want to be.  The plan will include achievable goals based on what’s realistic for you.

Overcome Obstacles

Any career change will involve obstacles and it’s best to anticipate them ahead of time.  I’ll help you identify and overcome obstacles you may face during your transition to a more meaningful career.

Accountability For Your Transition

One of the most important aspects of coaching is accountability.  Why?  Because making changes all on your own is difficult.  With career coaching, I’ll be with you throughout the process, guiding you along, and ensuring that progress is being made towards your goals.

My Promise and Commitment

If you choose to work with me, I promise to deliver unmatched value and work relentlessly to ensure that you have a successful transition to your new, meaningful career.

What Clients Are Saying

Ed is a patient, supportive coach who pushes you to take action. I made great progress on my first book, and have him to thank for inspiring me to keep up momentum and explore the possibilities available to me each step of the way. I am thankful I had the opportunity to work with Ed as my coach. I doubt I would have made as much progress as I did without his help!

My coaching experience with Ed involved finding extra motivation at work.  Working with him really helped me connect the dots to what’s holding me back, develop strategies to be more reliable and effective at my job, and to find the positive motivators to bring more excitement to what I’m doing, which will naturally spur motivation in the future.

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